Never Piss Off The Johnson

[Redacted] stalked out to her car, still fuming at the creepy little woman that had tried to hack her commlink. Not only was she insulted that the attempt had been made, she took affront to the fact that the woman had apparently thought it would even be possible – what sort of cheap junk did these fools think she was using? She interfaced with runner teams! If every two-bit digital thug with a cheap deck could crack into her link, what decent team would ever work with her?

Perhaps even more than that, though, she fumed at the necessity of still giving them the run contract. They really did fit the profile the client wanted, though, and TransGlobal had been highly insistent about the time pressures involved. The fake SINs being sold with its stamp weren’t too tough to burn with any sort of real scrutiny, but they were still coming out of what ought to be a highly secure system.

She got into her car and sighed, then leaned back to give the fury a moment to wash out of her system before composing a message for her supervisor’s approval before it went to the client. Then she updated the agency’s internal file on the fledgling team with a caution flag and a brief description of the meet.


I think it’ll be fun to preface log posts with a quick little bit of flash-fiction for flavor! And then, since Ferret was kind enough to type up a session summary already, I’m just going to steal it:

We began by establishing that everyone has code names except Cai, who will have to earn one at some point: Ferret, Buzz, Granny. Cai called up his fixer, Lucky, and negotiated our first run. Lucky demanded twice his usual going rate “because we’re new,” and Cai’s negotiation skills kind of faltered. So, we were told to contact a certain commcode to get in touch with our Ms. Johnson, which we did. She had us meet at a sort of mid-scale bourgeois restaurant (think Crave in the West End) where Granny ordered insanely expensive whiskey and the concierge took Ferret’s katana. We also had to arrive separately, because as we learned, our biggest group deficiency is transportation. We have one vehicle in the group, Granny’s Ducati motorcycle.

Ms. Johnson explained that Transglobal Foods was finding its corporate SINs being sold in the Redmond barrens by a gang called the 1400 Bloods. Normally they would just “take care” of this kind of thing, but they need to know how these SINs are being obtained, since it could be a pretty significant leak. So we’re to infiltrate this gang and find out what they know. 4k NY per runner with a 500 per bonus if it’s done within a week.

At the end of our meeting, Buzz attempted to put a mark on Ms. Johnson’s commlink to track her, but she had a pretty intense setup and immediately noticed and pinpointed the attempt. She was very, very angry. But she said that they specifically wanted newbies/unknowns, so she’ll make allowances for ignorance just this once.

We did some research using our gang contacts and the net (seriously, we all have gang contacts. all of us) and found that it was likely a small branch of the still-extant-in-the-sixth-world Bloods, operating on the 1400 block of a street in the Redmond barrens (which is apparently a lawless no-man’s land.) Led by a troll named “Big Ten.” Buzz’s brother was surprised to hear the 1400 Bloods involved with the high-qual fake SINs that have been showing up, because they seem pretty low-tech.

We decided to go there the same night, which involved basically that middle school logic puzzle about a boat, a chicken, and a snake or whatever. Ferret did high speed rooftop parkour sneakery to get a couple of blocks off from the scene and waited. Granny ferried Buzz out first, but mid-ride a janky sedan started to tail them, leading to a brief but frenetic high speed chase. Once Buzz regained her senses, she used her mapsoft to paint a path for Granny via AR, one too narrow for the car but just wide enough for the bike.

Ferret guarded Buzz near the site while she got the lay of the land in terms of matrix presences. Granny went back to grab Cai and bring him to the scene.

We immediately noticed a barefoot lady wearing a lot of red (later learned her name is “Boots”) and approached with Ferret and Granny as bodyguards. She was immediately flanked by her own guards, and a somewhat tense dialogue ensued. She takes us upstairs through a trashy building (but with an awesome motorcycle nearby) to meet the troll Big Ten. Everyone wears a lot of red.

Cai suggested that Transglobal knows they’re the root of the SINs, and we know that they don’t have the tech to hide their trail. So, we offer the use of our expert decker to help keep them off Transglobal’s radar for a cut of their profits. Unfortunately Cai’s negotiation kind of fails again and we get talked down to a crazy low price, but it’s ok because it’s just a front for access anyway.

Big Ten explained that they don’t know where the SINs come from either, and he tossed us an old-style credstick. Buzz examined it and found it had been crazyhacked to read as a credstick but has no monetary content or function, instead working as a secure data storage device that burns itself out after the first download. Big Ten says that they get one or two of these a week from their dealers on the streets, and they’re loaded with corporate SINs.

We start to devise a way to narrow down the source (and we are perplexed by what’s going on in general) while Buzz does a more thorough read on the tech. Eventually she finds that there are signatures from credstick verification scanners (and one called TGFLOGCENT, which we deduce is Transglobal Foods something central, presumably the point where the thing is uploaded with corp SINs.) She figures if we round up the dealers and check the electronic serial numbers on their scanners, we can maybe pinpoint where these weird “SINsticks” are coming from.

At this point it’s really late (like 4 AM), so we retire. And that’s where we ended the session.


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