Holographic Sight

Mostly-fluff alteration to the "laser sight"


There’s a weapon enhancement called a “laser sight” listed in the core rulebook on p.432. It increases a weapon’s accuracy by one, but has the drawbacks of:

  1. drawing a straight line back to the character unless they’re in a vacuum and
  2. alerting the target or their friends to the fact that someone has a laser sight pointed at them

These aren’t explicitly stated drawbacks, but they’re drawbacks that I as the GM would absolutely implement because, to me, it would break suspension of disbelief not to. Luckily, the real world already has superior tech, called a holographic sight! The two big-name manufacturers of these things are Aimpoint and EOTech.

Holographic sights are useful because instead of having to line up your weapon’s iron sights, a finnicky fine-motor skill that tends to deteriorate under the stress of a firefight, you just put the red dot on the target and press the trigger. So if players want, they can have a holographic sight instead of a laser sight. It has the same mechanical effect (+1 Accuracy) without the above drawbacks of the laser sight. On the other hand, it must be mounted on the top of the weapon (while a laser sight can go under the barrel) and you lose the ability to use a laser to paint a target for smart munitions, indicate a target for your teammates, use it to intimidate someone, etc. Trade-offs!


Holographic Sight

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