Zhang Cai

“Shī bài shì chéng gōng zhī mǔ.”


Cai has spent a lot of time slumming in the shadows, both in Hong Kong, and most recently in Seattle, after being disowned by his family after his goblinization. Latent abandonment issues drive Cai to forge as many relationships as he can, as he often confuses attention for love. While this type of behavior has inevitably left him emotionally unfulfilled (a hole he fills with his novacoke addiction), it does make him a very easy person to get along with. He has a keen sense of empathy, and can often find something in common with just about anyone.

His personality, along with the grifting skills picked up by a hard life on the streets, allows Cai to talk his way out of a lot of trouble. Still, due to the wounds he still bears from the betrayal of his family, he can be unpredictable when dealing with rejection or failure. In such cases, despite his silver tongue, he is more likely to let “Lucy,” his prized Louisville Slugger, do the talking.

Wei Liang, Triad Incense Master (5/3) Male Troll
Lucky, Fixer (3/1) Male Human
Justice, Street Doc (2/2) Female Dwarf
Veronica “Ronnie” Anders, Beat Cop (3/2) Female Human

Zhang Cai

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