Douglas Rushing-Stream grew up in the Sioux Nation city of Butte. His Shamanic parents were thrilled with his natural magical talent until he accepted a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy to learn Hermetic magic and study arcanoarchaeology.

No longer welcome at home, Rushing-Stream (don’t call him Douglas! That’s his father’s name) threw himself into his studies and began a very promising career. Soon, he was a grad student working under the renowned researcher and arcanoarchaeologist, Professor Amelia Brown.

But prestige always draws envious eyes. On a lecture tour to Seattle, a group of jealous grad students sabotaged Rush’s notes and lodgings. As fast as can be, Rush was expelled and even stranded across the country. Rushing-Stream fumbled his way through the poverty-stricken sprawl, eventually finding tolerant ork landlords who would trade lodging for a little magical elbow grease.

Rushing-Stream is a dour looking Sioux man in his mid-20s. He is tall and thin with his long hair in two loose braids over his broad shoulders. Since being dumped out of the graduate program at MITT and onto the streets of Seattle (it’s a long story), Rush’s style has incorporated more Native elements and in general become much more utilitarian. Those with a keen eye for the trappings of magic will notice Hermetic inscriptions—not Shamanic—on all of Rush’s accessories.


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