Gráinne MacAodhán

Dwarf vehicle enthusiast


Gráinne MacAodhán is a young lady of dwarfish extraction, but at first glance she could almost pass for human at a stocky 5’1". She earned the nickname “Granny” both from the mispronunciation of her name, and the fact she has silver-blonde hair and a few crows’-feet. When people say “you gotta talk to Granny,” they’re invariably surprised to find a 28-year-old dwarf answering to that moniker. Years of lighting up fine Aztlán cigars (never around her daughter) and being elbow-deep in machinery has rendered her voice a little more husky than most gals her age.

Growing up in a gang, firearms are like extensions of her own hands. She can use Macha and Nemain (her two Ares Predator V pistols) equally well, which occasionally has come in handy. Her nigh-supernatural skills with machinery ensure she can keep supporting herself and Aislinn, but she knows if the money stops flowing, the O’Banyons will use everything in their power to gain full custody of her daughter.

Racing her Ducati Phoenix in high-stakes races has given her enough to eke by, but after a suggestion of shadowrunning by a friend, she’s hoping her racing talents give her the edge to bring in more lucrative dough.

Gráinne MacAodhán

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