Elizabeth "Buzz" Clark

Human Decker


Lizbeth “Buzz” Clark may not seem imposing at a slight 5’3, but underestimating her would be a mistake. Born SINless in the sprawl of Seattle she has always had a knack for survival. A gift that came in handy when her parents Ricardo, a well known decker, and Aliza Clark were snatched by Lone Star, leaving Lizbeth and her brother Thad to fend for themselves. Lizbeth was just eleven at the time.

While Thad found salvation swinging his rather meaty fists for the Hellhounds, that life was never for Lizbeth. As fast as she is small she quickly earned the nickname Buzz for her rapid speech and constant movement. Her almost preternatural speed is only intensified in the matrix, making her a fraggin’ good decker and almost impossible to catch.

This suits Buzz just fine as the sight of blood and the idea of violence make her skin crawl. She’d much rather run than face a fight – a fact that has kept her alive all this time.

Elizabeth "Buzz" Clark

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